TS Track system




The TS  tracks and the TF2S track feet are designed to provide high levels of rigidity and stability for the lowest possible weight.

The design is unique in the sense that it allows the guide rollers on the saw head to be aligned above each other, in the same plane as for the cut. This is to provide the highest levels of safety, stability and precision of cut.
  The TS Single T-slot tracks are very lightweight at only 6.95 kg / m track. The stiffness and stability in the system is still, in spite of the low weight, sufficient for heavy loads and jobs where up to 2.0 m diameter blades are used.

The tracks have steel guide rails on which the rollers run. They offer high wear resistance and precise guidance of the saw head. The grooves into which the guide rails are located have been machined with great precision.
  The tracks are quickly and easily mounted in an easily accessible slot by means of a T-slot piece, which in turn is provided with a lubricated and protected screw and case hardened sleeve-type nut. The hardened sleeve-type nut safeguards that the screw preload is always adequate to clamp the track.

This system improves safety and reduces the possibility of the nut working loose because of vibration or variations in load.

The slot in the track allows for stepless adjustment of the track longitudinally.

The TF2S track feet are versatile and easy to use. A minimum of two track feet are needed to fit one track.   When two tracks are joined, at least three track feet must be used, one of which must be mounted directly over the joint between the two tracks.



The track foot can swivel so the track foot only needs to be set up once in each corner when for example cutting a door opening.


There are two different templates available to simplify the set up for for instance a door opening. 

Read more about the swivel function »

For cutting in for instance stairs there is an angle adjustable bracket available. The regular track foot is put on top of the angle adjustable bracket. The tilt angle is 55tilt in both directions.  

A joint block can be used to join two tracks when it is not possible to use a track foot. A track foot should be placed no longer than 60 cm (2ft) away from the joint block



  A track stop should be placed in both ends of the track when cutting.

Technical data


TS track:


0.85 / 1.15 / 2 / 2.3 / 3.45 m:


6.95 kg /m





Track feet:        
TF2S Track foot, (symmetric type)
for TS type tracks
  3.2 kg    

TFAM Angle cutting track foot, to be bolted to TF2S track foot, 55tilt in both direction.

  6.0 kg    
Joint block for tracks:        
TSS300 Joint block for TS type tracks:   2.3 kg, 300 mm length    
Track stop:        
TSP1 Track stop (old type):   0.7 kg    
TP3 Track stop (picture above)   0.4 kg