Pentpak 222

Operate a full range of Pentruder equipment simply by connecting the same Pentpak, remote control, motor and cables to a wallsaw, a wire saw or a core drill. It all fits together and gives unsurpassed flexibility.

The Pentpak high frequency (HF-)power packs are made from top quality components chosen for their reliability and longevity. The frequency inverter is for instance built to produce 24/7 for thousands of hours.

The Pentpak 427, 422 and 418 are made for 380 - 480 volt and the Pentpak 222, 218 and 200 are made for 200 - 230 volt.

The HF-power packs are insensitive for fluctuations in power and can be run on such small fuses as 16 ampere.
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Input voltage: 200 - 230 Volt
Input frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Output frequency: 300 - 440 Hz
Input power max:  31 kW

Continous output power:


18 kW

25 HP

Minimum fuse: 16 Amp
Recommended fuse: 25 Amp
Current draw at max output: 40 Amp
Recommended generator capacity. 45 kVA
Output voltage to feed and travel motors:

24 DC


Height (incl. handles, connectors, etc.):

28 cm


Width (incl. handles, connectors, etc.):


30 cm


Length (incl. handles, connectors, etc.):


68 cm




27.5 kg 

60 lbs


All technical data can be subject to change without notice.

Pentpak 222 HF-power pack
with remote control