Pentruder CBK

The Pentruder CBK handles blades up to 1600 mm and a really powerful 22 kW (30 HP) electrical motor. 

It is an allround wall saw  for both thinner walls and thicker, reinforced concrete.


The Pentruder CBK has the valued features of a detachable HF-motor and quick disconnect coupling for the blade which makes setup quick and easy. 

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Blade info

Saw blade diameter max.:


1600 mm 


Max cutting depth with
max. Ø blade:
715 mm  (30”) with 1600 mm blade.
(Blade radius minus 85 mm (3.35”))

Max start Ø blade:


925 mm (36") 


Saw blade arbor diameter:


60 mm (1-3/8” for the U.S.A.)


Water feed:

Central through the blade flanges


Blade flange diameter:


158 mm (6.22”) centre bolt type flange.


Flush cutting flange diameter and
Bolt Pitch Circle Diameter (P.C.D):

158 mm Flange O.D.                   
130 mm P.C.D. 6x M 8
10.9 countersunk screws



110 mm P.C.D. 6x M 10
10.9 countersunk screws


  108 mm P.C.D. 6xM 10
10.9 countersunk screws
  4.25” P.C.D. 6x 3/8” (108 mm P.C.D. 6x M 10)
10.9 countersunk screws

Saw blade motor: 400 Hz High Frequency Motor
Max continuous output power: 22 kW (30 HP) with Pentpak 422
Max output torque: 275 Nm @ 22 kW

Spindle speed under load:
(Note: Max power is @ 400Hz)

@ 300-500 Hz

Continously variable from 300 Hz to 500 Hz, set potentiometer to control speed. See manual for detailed speed table.
Travel Motor - Max travel speed:


24V DC -  1.8 m/min

Feed Motor -  Max arm rotation Speed:


24V DC – 0.9 rpm


Weight saw head:


24.5 kg (54 lbs)


Weight 22 kW HF-motor: 18 kg (40 lbs)


All technical data can be subject to change without notice.




Pentuder CBK with 22 kW HF-motor

Pentuder CBK and Pentpak 427




Wireless Radio Remote