CE1 Carriage

This is a carriage, which is designed and built to last for many years with need for only a minimum of maintenance. It is used with the 70 mm column. Manual or automatic feed is available. A bolt on hydraulic feed unit can be operated from the Pentpak 15, 20 or 25 remote controls. With the automatic feed, semi-automatic operation is possible. Practice has shown that this works perfectly well.

Carriage for drilling machine

The CE1-70 carriage is for the Pentruder MD1 drilling machine and can be used with or without PT-HY32 hydraulic feed unit or PT-MD1 electrical feed unit. If used without a feed unit a separate friction brake, FE1 is needed. Manual feed is possible also when the PT-MD1 electrical feed unti is fitted. 


Carriage for wire saw

The CE1-70-3P8 carriage is for the Pentruder 3P8 wire saw. For one wire saw set up, two CE1-70-3P8 carriages are needed, the upper one with PT-3P8 Electric feed unit or PT-HY Hydraulic feed unit and the lower one can be with a feed unit or just with a FE1 Friction brake.

The carriage is guided by 4 hardened conical steel rollers running over the front and rear corners of the column and gives perfect control of the core bit.

The housing is precision machined from heat treated aluminium and all critical dimensions are machined within very close tolerances.

  A unique Patent Pending Quick Release Coupling is provided for to fix the MG41 gearbox or wire saw assembly to the carriage. The MG41 gearbox can be fitted in two positions for height, and upside down, without having to invert the carriage.
  For optimum preload of the rollers on the column, the rear rollers can be adjusted using a 1/2" spanner and an 15 mm wrench. With correct preload on the rollers the carriage will run smoothly and give a very rigid support for the drill bit.
Technical Data:   CE1-70    
Width including 1/2" feed sockets:   219 mm    
Width housing:   150 mm    
Length:   376 mm    
Depth:   228 mm    
Weight:   9.3 kg    


All technical data can be subject to change without notice.